Infocopter develops full-flight-deck, fully enclosed, helicopter flight simulators.

Our helicopter simulators feature a full helicopter fuselage, a flight deck with all flight controls and provide stunning high resolutions visuals projected on wrap around dome.
This creates a complete helicopter experience for both the helicopter pilot and passengers.

Infocopter helicopter simulators are designed for the professional and entertainment market. They are based on the latest technology in simulation and computer performance.

These simulators are a stunning experience for all ages. They are flight tested by people from 6 to 81 years with no flight experience, as well as professional helicopter pilots and test pilots. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Stand-alone simulators

Look and size of real helicopters up to 42 feet length. Seat capacity 2 to 10 people. Fully automated models available.
See our recent projects for photo’s.

Theme park and fun fair attractions

Complete attraction with pre-show and main experience lasts up to 20 minutes.
Easily scalable for a capacity of 70 to more than 3.000 persons per hour.

Mobile event simulators

Look and size of real helicopters
Easily transportable
Setting-up time less than one hour
Rugged construction
Visitors are magnetically attracted by helicopters
Power requirements less than 2 kW
Seat capacity 2 to 5 people

Why Infocopter helicopter simulators

  • Brand new high class experience
  • Low initial costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Indoor attraction weather independent
  • Low security risk
  • Suitable for visitors of all ages
  • Never gets boring, no two flights are alike
  • Easily scalable to fit visitor count
  • Cabin size allows a family or group experience

Infocopter builds best in class helicopter sims. Contact us to see what is possible.
See our recent projects for photo’s.